Regency Manor’s Female-Only Floor

Across our homes, our priority is to make sure your loved one feels safe and comfortable while living with us. This is why we have created a female-only floor at our Regency Manor Care Home.

On this floor, all residents and staff are female, providing a safe, calming space for your loved one who may not be comfortable with male carers or residents.

Learn more about this service by visiting Regency Manor and chatting with our staff and residents. Book your viewing by calling us on 01202 125198.

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What Is Our Female-Only Floor?

Our female floor is fondly referred to as the “Dolphin Floor” and consists of several rooms that are dedicated to women needing extra care and support with their day-to-day tasks.

The floor is run by a female team, so your loved one can feel confident and comfortable at all times. However, just because your loved one has expressed a preference to live on this floor does not stop them from exploring all our other facilities, heading downstairs to our communal areas and gardens for social activities and a natter with other residents.

The floor includes:

  • Several rooms that can be personalised – painted walls, personal photos and furniture
  • Lounge area complete with supportive and comfortable armchairs, a TV and a full bookcase
  • Kitchenette so that residents and visitors can help themselves to drinks and snacks
  • Dining area for peaceful dining of home-cooked meals
  • Corridors are thoughtfully designed with a theme, visual cues and signage as sensory stimulation so residents feel safe

See how your loved one could thrive on our Dolphin Floor by booking a viewing today. Call us on 01202 125198.

Why Have The Dolphin Floor?

No one should feel uncomfortable in their home, which is why we have created our Dolphin Floor at Regency Manor.

Whether it be a personal preference of your loved one or a concern developed out of a health condition such as dementia, being in a mixed-gender area can cause some upset and discomfort.

Our female-only floor ensures:

  • Privacy and comfort – a female-only environment enhances a sense of privacy and dignity, especially in communal areas.
  • Safety and security – For some residents, particularly those who have experienced trauma or abuse, knowing they are only surrounded by women can make them feel safer and more secure.
  • Social Dynamics – Female residents may have unique social dynamics and preferences for activities and interactions, which a female-only floor can cater to.

Discover more benefits of our female-only floor when you visit. Call us on 01202 125198 to arrange a viewing.

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Care Provided On Our Female-Only Floor

As a residential home, we can provide care for a range of health conditions on our female-only floor.

We provide the following care:

All staff on our Dolphin Floor undergo extensive in-house training so that they are able to deal with all care needs. You can be confident that in choosing a women-only area, your loved one won’t miss out on care quality.

Discuss your loved one’s care needs with our staff by calling 01202 125198. Visit our care home to learn how we can care for your loved one.

Additional Services On The Dolphin Floor

On top of the compassionate care provided by our expert team, we are able to offer several additional services to residents on the Dolphin Floor.

These include:

  • Varied activities programme and day trips
  • Home-cooked meals made by our in-house chefs
  • Laundry
  • Hair salon
  • Medical services (GP appointments, dentistry, eye checks, occupational therapists etc.)
  • Multi-denominational chaplain
  • Well-being support

Speak to our team to find out more about each service or book a viewing of Regency Manor. Call us on 01202 125198.

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Regency Manor Care Home

Visit Regency Manor

Our stress-free, comfortable space is embraced by each resident, creating a welcoming and cheerful community for your loved one to join.

Experience our female-only floor by visiting our home and see for yourself the benefits of it on our residents.

Arrange a viewing at our home by calling us on 01202 125198 or completing our online enquiry form.

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