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Luxurycare offers nursing and residential care for elderly residents, some of whom may also have additional support needs as a result of the problems associated with old age such as dementia. The care and support is provided for as long as the Care Homes can meet the needs of the individual, respecting their nights to informed choice, privacy and to always be treated with dignity. Aranlaw House (Branksome Park, Poole), Eagles Mount Care Home Nursing Home (Poole), Regency Manor Care Home (Lower Parkstone, Poole) and Seabourne House (Southbourne, Bournemouth) provide Bournemouth and Poole’s premier Care Homes.

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‘Dancing with Dementia’ written by Christine Bryden, who was first diagnosed with dementia in 1995:


Try to enter our distorted reality, because if you make us fit into your reality, it will cause us extra stress. You need to enter into our reality, connect with us by touch, or by look. You need to be authentically present, not far away. You need to realise that we are not far away or lost, but trapped by an inability to communicate and to think clearly, to express this strange mixed-up world being created by our brain damage. Think about this inner reality that we are experiencing, and try to connect with it. Be imaginative, be creative, try to step across the divide between our worlds.

It is our objective to step across this divide in order to establish relationships with the residents we are supporting. We seek to listen to the voice of each resident with dementia, connect with them and respond with imagination and creativity. We aim to enable residents to maximise their abilities and retain their independence as far as possible by agreeing with them (or their relative or representative) individual care plans, supporting them to encourage the retention of daily life skills for as long as possible. We will also provide care and assistance to meet the assessed needs of each resident. To help achieve this we will enlist the support of any relevant professional services and organisations as may be necessary from time to time, for example Psychologists, General Practitioners, Dieticians, Community Mental Health Nurses, Community Nurses, Occupational Therapists etc, according to the needs of each resident.

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We ensure the protection of our residents by implementing robust staff recruitment procedures. All staff are thoroughly checked before starting employment with us, including enhanced Criminal Records Bureau disclosures. Staff training needs are constantly monitored and reviewed to ensure that the appropriate skills and numbers of staff available match those required for the quality care and support of our residents. All staff are trained in safeguarding measures and how to recognise and report any concerns.

We consider it of the utmost importance that the physical environment at Aranlaw House and Seabourne House should not only be of the highest standard and provide a warm and friendly atmosphere but, that it should also offer unobtrusive security and safety as necessary, to ensure the needs of our residents are met. The environment has been carefully considered in relation to people with dementia, to help them to feel more “at home” and to find their way around more easily.

We aim to provide holistic care and will do our best to ensure that the health, social, emotional and spiritual needs of each individual resident will be met.We will encourage them to maintain and develop relationships with family, friends and social networks and do our best to support families and friends wherever we can. We are keen to maintain and, where possible, improve their quality of life. We want our residents to be comfortable and as happy as can be achieved.