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Are you currently looking around all of the care homes in Bournemouth but you can’t find a place that you think is suitable for your loved one? Then you need to make a visit to our Luxury Care Seabourne House Care Home in Bournemouth. We provide outstanding supportive care that is bespoke to each individual who stays in our care home.

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It is a very distressing time when you can’t look after your elderly relatives anymore. When you need to move them into a care home, you want to be confident that they will receive the greatest care possible, and they will be happy. We treat all of our residents as the individuals that they are, and therefore we tailor our care services to each person independently.

Before your parent or loved one moves into our purpose built residential home, we will ask you to provide as much information about them as possible. This will include their likes, dislikes, fears, life history, influences, and how they interact with other people.

Seabourne House Care Home in Bournemouth

Our beautiful Luxury Care Seabourne Care Home is situated in the idyllic setting of Southbourne, and is nestled within a tranquil and calm residential road. There is a huge privatised garden with handrails for residents to spend time in as well. Other care homes in Bournemouth pale in comparison when compared to the level of professional care that our highly trained team provide at Seabourne House.

Every room that we have in our Southbourne care homes in Bournemouth feature the following services to help with day-to-day living:

  • En suite rooms that feature call bell systems
  • Telephone facilities
  • Individual decoration to help each person recognise their own room
  • Prominent colouring and signage to help distinguish different areas
  • Televisions
  • Under floor heating
  • Wireless call systems
  • Regular cleaning services

Additionally, we have comfortable communal areas where residents can socialise with others. We have specially trained chefs to create delicious meals for our tenants, with fruit and cake available in between meals. Our team also monitor the amount of fluid that our guests drink; to make sure they are drinking enough and are hydrated.

Support in later life with Luxury Care

At Luxury Care, we have spent years researching, studying and developing our understanding of how to treat people who are suffering from memory loss and dementia. We believe that Soren Kierkegaard (1813 – 1855) best summed up what it means to care for others when he wrote: ‘If you really want to help somebody…the helper must be humble in his attitude towards the people he wants to help. He must understand that helping is not dominating, but serving. Caring implies patience as well as acceptance.’

All of our staff members apply this caring and supportive method every day, in order to make our residents feel safe and secure in their surroundings. We also apply the method of caring that is called ‘behavioural staging, which encourages the use of validation instead of medication. Every member of our staff is guided by the codes dictated in the Mental Capacity Act 2005, and are thoroughly DBS checked before they start work in our care homes in Bournemouth.

Research has shown that when people living with dementia and other issues associated with older age come to stay in our Luxury Care homes in Bournemouth, their condition tends to improve. In addition to the above reasons, this is also in part because of the support we receive from local professional services and establishments. On a regular basis, the following practitioners will visit our Seabourne Care Home:

  • Psychologists
  • General PractitionersCare Homes in Bournemouth
  • Dieticians
  • Community Mental Health Nurses
  • Dentists
  • Opticians
  • Chiropodists
  • Community Nurses
  • Occupational Therapists

Arrange a viewing at our Seabourne Care Home in Bournemouth

Why not arrange a tour of our Luxury Care home in Bournemouth to see how our Seabourne Care Home surpasses than other care homes in Bournemouth regarding excellent facilities and validation support. Call us today on 01202 428132 to book your tour with Luxury Care today.