Luxury Care Homes in the Heart of Bournemouth and Poole

Providing compassionate, person-centred care in a breathtaking setting.

Exceptional Care Services

Our experienced team provide a wide range of care services, including residential, nursing, respite, and palliative care.

Stunning Locations

Our care homes are near both the seaside and thriving community hubs, offering our residents the best of both worlds.

Luxury Care Homes in the Heart of Bournemouth and Poole

Providing compassionate, person-centred care in a breathtaking setting.

Exceptional Care Services

Our experienced team provide a wide range of care services, including residential, nursing, respite, and palliative care.

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    Welcome to Luxurycare

    For many families, finding exceptional care for a loved one can feel overwhelming. At LuxuryCare, we understand the unique challenges and we're here to offer support and peace of mind.

    Our Care Homes, situated across Bournemouth and Poole, have provided exceptional care to the elderly for over two decades. Whether they require residential care, support with mild or complex dementia, or specialised nursing care, our team of highly trained professionals is here for them.

    LuxuryCare go beyond just exceptional care. We believe in Forever Homes. That's why we guarantee our residents a place with us, regardless of any changes in their funding situation. Whether you self-fund today or require local authority support in the future, you can rest assured knowing your loved one will continue to receive exceptional care and compassionate support in our warm and welcoming environment.

    Don't let the worries of tomorrow cloud your present call LuxuryCare today on 01202 292796.

    Our Care Services

    Tired of cookie-cutter care? LuxuryCare believes in exceptional, personalised care for seniors in Poole and Bournemouth. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we focus on understanding each resident’s unique needs, preferences, and personality. Our compassionate team creates individualised care plans that prioritise your loved one’s well-being and independence.

    Looking for specific care services? LuxuryCare offers:

    • Over 20 years of experience: a proven track record of providing exceptional elderly care
    • Wide range of services: residential care, dementia care, nursing care, specialist services for neurological and spinal conditions
    • Personalised care plans: tailor to meet the individual needs and preferences of each resident
    • Forever Home, Guaranteed: never worry about changes in funding as you place is guaranteed.

    • On the end of the Phone: Our MD Sam Hoskin, CEO Kevin Gunputh and Operations Director, Christina Barrett are always at the end of the phone ready to assist.

    Life at LuxuryCare

    At the heart of our mission is the happiness of those under our care. Beyond tending to our residents’ health and medical necessities, we make sure they have access to all the amenities they need to enjoy a truly rich and fulfilling life.

    Forget ordinary. Embrace extraordinary at Luxurycare. Our Bournemouth and Poole Care Homes believe well-being flourishes through vibrant, personalised activities that spark joy and ignite passions. We dive deeper than bingo and board games. We delve into life stories, uncover hidden talents, and rekindle cherished memories. This allows us to tailor activities that make hearts sing, minds race, and laughter echo through our halls.

    Imagine Mrs. Jones, a passionate gardener, enjoying a trip down to one of our local garden centres to purchase items to use in a gardening session. Or Mr. Smith, a keen photographer, enjoying the photo opportunities at a our local beaches. Every resident’s story finds its stage at Luxurycare.

    Our tailored activities program isn’t just about filling time, it’s about filling lives and having fun!

    Forget unfamiliar walls and cold spaces. At Luxurycare, your room becomes a haven tailored to your heart’s desires. Imagine soft sunlight dancing across cherished trinkets and family photos adorning shelves, familiar furniture cradling you in comfort, and perhaps even a furry friend nestled at your feet. We understand moving into care can be a delicate transition, so we encourage you to weave your story into every corner. Bring the treasures that spark joy, the colours that soothe your soul, and the pieces that whisper of cherished memories. Your room is your haven, yours to personalise and embrace. We are more than happy to repaint your room to make sure it feels like your home.

    Beyond your private sanctuary, our communal spaces blossom with laughter and connection. Warm spaces that invite cosy chats and quiet contemplation. Elegant dining areas become stages for shared meals and stories, while activity rooms pulse with the vibrancy of shared pursuits. Each corner is an invitation to connect, to rediscover joy, and to feel embraced by a community that cherishes your unique spark.

    At Luxurycare, we don’t just offer care, we offer a canvas for a life as vibrant and full as your own. Whether it’s the comfort of familiar linens, the fragrance of your favourite home-baked cookies in the air, or the gentle pattering of your four-legged companion’s paws, we celebrate the little details that make a house a home.

    Our CEO Kevin Gunputh, now a Father of two, has been in the Healthcare sector for over 20 years and is overly passionate about family.  He takes great pride in the family that is Luxurycare and genuinely looks forward to welcoming you to our Care Homes in both Bournemouth and Poole. Kevin and his team recognises the immense responsibility placed on their shoulders. We aren’t just care homes, we are a vibrant tapestry woven with personalised comfort, delicious inclusivity, and genuine connection.

    Your haven awaits: Make your room a reflection of your story, filled with treasured memories and familiar touches.

    Holistic well-being embraced: Our dedicated team goes beyond care, nurturing body, mind, and spirit with compassion and respect. We celebrate individuality, whether through personalised activities or delicious meals crafted to meet every dietary need, ensuring every bite is a testament to well-being.

    Kevin encourages his team to go above and beyond so the people who stay with us feel genuinely loved and cared for.