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    Outstanding Day Care Services

    Our elderly day care service is an extension of our commitment to providing exceptional care and is available at each of our care homes. Our flexible daycare programme is designed for individuals who seek social interaction, engaging activities, and professional care during the day but prefer the comfort of their own home at night.

    Your loved one will enjoy a vibrant atmosphere with a wide range of activities tailored to their interests and abilities. From therapeutic exercises to creative arts, our activities are structured to promote mental and physical well-being. Nutritious meals and snacks are included, prepared with dietary needs in mind.

    Through our daycare services, we want to enrich lives and build a community where everyone feels valued and connected. Our hourly rate is just £19.95, and our daily rate is £145 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

    Get in touch today to learn more about how our day care service can benefit you or your loved ones or to book a visit to one of our homes.

    Day Care

    What is Elderly Day Care?

    Elderly daycare refers to a service provided for individuals who require care and supervision during the day, typically due to their primary carer’s work commitments, additional caregiving responsibilities, or other reasons.

    At LuxuryCare we offer flexible day care depending on the needs of the person including supervised activities, meals, and personal care assistance.

    As our care homes provide a range of nursing care, we are able to offer our daycare services to those with a range of health conditions:

    • Dementia
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Parkinson’s
    • Motor Neurone Disease
    • Strokes
    • Huntington’s Disease
    • And many more

    Our primary goal is to ensure individuals’ safety and well-being while their primary caregivers are unavailable during daytime hours.

    Speak to our team to discuss your loved ones care needs and book a visit to one of our homes to see how we can provide expert care and include them in our community. Call us on 01202 037373.

    Day Care Special Prices

    Day care should be affordable.
    If you’re not ready for permanent, full time care, try our elderly day care for:

    £19.95 per hour, or £145 for a 9-6 day.

    When Might You Need Elderly Day Care?

    There is a range of situations that might mean that you need elderly daycare for your loved one.

    • Work commitments
    • Family commitments
    • As part of respite care
    • To reduce the isolation of your loved one

    All of our homes provide their day care services as often or as little as you and your loved one require, so whether you are looking for a one-off service or a regular schedule, we would love to welcome your loved one into our community.

    If you would like to learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team, who are always happy to discuss your needs and work out a plan for you and your loved one. Call us on 01202 037373 today.

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    Benefits of Elderly Day Care

    Elderly day care is beneficial for both you and your loved one for a number of reasons.

    Benefits for your loved one:

    • Encourages social interaction for your loved one
    • Provide stimulating and varied activities that might not be available at home
    • Offers a level of independence to your loved one as they get some time away from their primary carer

    Benefits for you as the caregiver:

    • Gives you time to yourself to do things you need (run errands, go to work, relax)
    • Provides professional care, so you can rest assured that your loved one is receiving the support they need

    Day care at our nursing homes can also help with the transition from living at home, to going into full-time residential care.

    Visit one of our homes to chat with our care specialists and learn more about how daycare can help you and your loved one. Call us on 01202 037373 to book your viewing.