What is Day Care for the Elderly?


For those who aren’t in a nursing home or residential home, day care provides an opportunity for the caregiver and receiver to receive additional support and the care receiver companionship and a change of setting. Local day care centres are currently under threat with budgets being cut and closures looming, making day care services provided by nursing homes, such as those as part of the LuxuryCare Group, even more important to the community.

LuxuryCare provides a day care programme that is designed for individuals who are looking for extra social interaction and engaging activities but also need professional care during the day. Day care is also a great solution for those unable to receive care from family or carers at home on certain days.

In this blog, we explain what day care is and the activities and care we provide during a session.

What Is Day Care?

Day care for the elderly is a service provided for older individuals who need support and care during the day but are unable to receive it at home on certain days. The service is staffed by qualified care professionals, meaning that attendees receive the quality care they require.

Sessions are attended solely by the person receiving care, allowing regular carers to have a break or attend to other commitments such as work or other caregiving responsibilities.

Day care is also a service provided to those who receive full-time care at home as an alternative environment and as respite care, so caregivers can take a break knowing that their loved one is receiving quality care while doing this.

Typically, the service provides a range of activities for those attending. These will be stimulating and engaging, encouraging mental and physical activity. Additionally, meals are likely to be provided too.

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What Activities Are Arranged At Luxury Care Day Care Service?

Those attending our day care can participate in the activities scheduled for the day for our residents.

Activities arranged at our care homes are chosen to encourage social engagement and gentle movement and to stimulate the brain. The activities are all adapted to suit the individuals participating and their abilities.

Usual activities include:

  • Arts and crafts – drawing, colouring and painting are popular activities, as well as seasonal activities such as making easter bonnets or Christmas decorations.
  • Games – from card games to board games to sporting activities, we love a bit of competition in our care homes.
  • Animal therapy – we often invite therapy animals into our care home for some sensory time. In the past, we have had therapy dogs and even alpacas in our home.
  • Gardening – each of our care homes has a garden in which residents can participate in maintaining, sowing seeds and watering them.
  • Quizzes and bingo – testing knowledge and keeping the brain active by spotting numbers is a favourite pastime for everyone.
  • Singalongs – music has many benefits, especially for the elderly, so we enjoy putting on a bit of music and singing along.
  • Skittles and inflatable darts – to encourage gentle movement, we often arrange to play games of darts and Skittles in our communal areas or the garden (weather permitting).

What Care Is Provided At Our Day Care Services?

As we are residential and nursing care homes, we can provide nursing care to those visiting us for the day.

The care provided can include supervision and assistance with meals or moving about and personal care.

Prior to your loved one’s first day, we will complete a care assessment where we will discuss their care needs and preferences.

Our care homes are dementia care specialists, meaning we are able to offer dementia day care services. So, if your loved one is living with the disease, they can join our home for a day care session, and you can be confident that our trained nurses will provide the exact care needed, no matter what stage of dementia they have.

Our premium day care services offer bespoke care for each attendee, meaning that we can cater to your loved one’s unique needs and preferences.

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Day Care Provided By LuxuryCare

Our primary goal is to ensure individuals’ safety and well-being while their primary caregivers are unavailable during daytime hours.

Individuals joining us for the day get to meet and interact with our residential care residents, joining them in activities and meal times.

Our staff are fully qualified and licensed to provide all types of medical and personal care so we can accommodate any care requirements.

Nutritious meals and snacks are included, prepared with dietary needs in mind.

Contact our team to learn more about our day care service and discuss how your loved one could benefit from joining our daily activities.

Call us on 01202 037373 or complete our online contact form for a callback from one of our friendly team members.