Regency Manor Relative Testimonial – Shirley

Regency Manor Entrance

We recently interviewed Shirley, whose Aunt Joyce has been a resident of Regency Manor since October 2021. This interview was featured on our Youtube channel. Click below to watch the video:

Here is what Shirley had to say during this interview:

Hello, I’m Shirley and I look after my Aunt Joyce, who’s been a resident of Regency Manor Home since October 21.

Why did you choose Regency Manor?

Unfortunately, my aunt developed dementia a few years ago and the time was drawing near for her to have 24/7 care. So where do you start to put a much-loved lady into care? The criteria I thought for me to choose somewhere would be to choose something that I would be happy to be in. So, after looking at many, many care homes which wouldn’t suit my aunt, we looked around and discounted so many. So, we phoned up, we spoke to Julie, who helped us no end. We were shown rooms and very impressed. Beautiful en-suite, beautiful room. She’s on Sandbanks, which is on the top floor serviced by a lift, so there’s no problem there getting up, and you overlook the lovely Sandbanks sea.

How do you find the standard of care at Regency Manor?

Should dementia come to me, which I hope it doesn’t, but I wouldn’t hesitate in my family trying to get me in here. The well-being team, they’re just wonderful. There’s so many activities every day. My aunt is celebrating 100 years on Sunday, and we’re going to have some non-alcoholic drink and some lovely cakes that our beautiful chef makes for us. They’ve gone to great lengths, nothing is too much trouble for them. They’re a wonderful team, and she couldn’t have been given better service if she tried. So we’re so happy and excited for this day.

Would you recommend Regency Manor care home?

I think the biggest recommendation is that if I am taken with dementia or any illness that my family can’t look after me, this is where I want to be. So, I’m so happy and content that Aunty is here. It doesn’t stop my anxiety, but it eases a tremendous amount because of the care. I can’t commend high enough the care that you will get at Regency Manor. And if you’ve got any, after you’ve listened to this, if you do know anybody that wants to go into care or needs to go into care, make this your first port of call. I don’t class this as a care home. I personally, for me, class it as a family care home.

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