Our Carbon Neutral Care Home

Eagles Mount Care Home with Solar Panels on Roof

With climate and environmental impact at the forefront of everybody’s minds, over the past few years, the team at Eagles Mount Care Home have worked incredibly hard to offset their carbon emissions.

Through supporting several programmes across the world, installing solar panels and encouraging the use of renewable energy sources, the care home was the UK’s first carbon-neutral care home.

What Does Carbon Neutral Mean?

Carbon-neutral simply means that the care home has offset its greenhouse gas emissions by counteracting them.

In doing this, their actions now absorb carbon dioxide just as much as they produce the emissions.

This could be done in a number of ways, for example, by installing solar panels to generate energy, supporting programmes such as hydropower and wind power and using public transport where possible to get to and from work or go out with residents.

Achieving carbon neutrality is a great step forward in reducing the environmental impact of a business.

Carbon Neutral Eagles Mount Care Home
One of the Communal Sitting Areas At Eagles Mount with Views Over Poole Harbour

New Aspect To Care Home Inspections

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is starting to look at the impact of care homes on the environment.

As part of this, they are introducing a new element to their care home inspections. In this, they will be looking at the environmental impact and sustainability of the care home.

This has prompted many care homes to look at ways to reduce their carbon emissions and seek to turn to renewable energy sources.

What Does Eagles Mount Care Home Do?

In 2021, Eagles Mount started to work with specialists Carbon Neutral Britain. Their starting point was to work out their carbon footprint during 2020.

With this calculation done, they then set about working out ways in which they would be able to counteract this.

Eagles Mount decided on a number of ways that they would reduce their carbon footprint, which included supporting renewable energy and forest projects around the world.

They also installed solar panels on the roof of the home to generate electricity. This now enables them to continue keeping their emissions as low as possible with their own energy production.

NJP05113 Scaled
A Typical Residents Bedroom at Eagles Mount with Direct Patio Access

Explore Our Care Home

If you are looking for a care home for a loved one, book a visit to our care home today.

As well as emphasising our environmental impact, our priority is providing quality care to our residents. We offer compassionate residential, dementia and respite care to those with several medical and age-related health conditions with bespoke care plans.

We pride ourselves on creating a lifestyle for each resident that they want to live, arranging an engaging and stimulating activities programme, cooking fresh homecooked meals and personalising your loved one’s room.

Visit our care home to experience life here firsthand and learn more about our carbon neutrality. Book your visit by calling us on 01202 149290. We are always happy to welcome you into our home.