How To Choose a Care Home

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Choosing a care home for a loved one is an emotional time and can often feel overwhelming. With so much to think about and many options available, how do you choose a care home?

You want to find somewhere that your loved one will feel happy and comfortable while receiving the right level of care and somewhere that will provide a quality of life despite any age-related health conditions or illnesses. But how do you know the home will provide all these things?

At LuxuryCare, we work hard to ensure prospective families get a true feel for our homes, and our staff can help you and your loved ones through the decision process.

In this blog, we share a few things to consider when choosing a care home for your loved one so that you can feel confident that you select the best one for their needs and lifestyle.

Care Needed

The first thing you need to work out when you start looking for care homes is the level of care they will need. This will determine if you should be looking for a nursing home or a residential home.

A simple way to work this out is to look at the care they are currently receiving.

If they have complex medical needs and receive regular nursing care, you should look for nursing homes. However, if they just need help with day-to-day tasks and basic medication management, residential care at a residential home will suit their needs.

No matter which type of care home you look for, you should find somewhere that encourages independence despite their needs. This will allow your loved one to feel like they are still in control of their lives, making decisions and enjoying what they want.

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Care Plans

Care is a very personal thing, and everyone will have different needs. Therefore, it is important that you find a home that will provide tailored care to your loved one’s needs.

Bespoke care plans are often put in place, created by the staff at the home once they have got to know your loved one through a care assessment and conversations with friends, family and current care and medical professionals.

When visiting or enquiring about a care home, ask how they put together a care plan and how is it tailored to your loved one.

It should also frequently be updated, reflecting ever-changing needs, so don’t be afraid to ask how they will deal with changes in the care required.

Rooms and Facilities

Once you have worked out which type of care home you are looking for, you can start to consider the rooms and facilities available. These play a vital part in how to choose a care home for your loved one as they are the spaces that your loved one will live in.

Things to consider when looking at rooms include:

  • How big is the room?
  • Is there an ensuite? Does your loved one need an ensuite?
  • What furniture is included?
  • Can you personalise the room? How so?
  • Is there space for additional equipment if needed?
  • What is the view from the room?
  • What is access to the room like?
  • How clean are they?

Meanwhile, you will also want to consider the following about the amenities at the home:

  • Do they have separate lounges and dining rooms?
  • How spacious are these rooms?
  • What furniture is there?
  • How clean are they?
  • What’s the accessibility of these spaces?

Just like being at home, the space your loved one lives in will affect their moods and enjoyment of time, so don’t hold back on questions about these elements of a care home.

A Typical Residents Bedroom at Branksome Park
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Food is often something we all look forward to, and life in a care home should be no different.

Moreover, nutrients are just as, if not more, important for the elderly, so when choosing a care home, you should take a look at the catering available.

Most care homes have their own in-house chef, so things to consider here are:

  • Are the meals freshly made?
  • Do they cater for dietary requirements for medical, ethical or religious reasons?
  • Can they provide meals off the menu if your loved one doesn’t like what is being served?
  • What input do the residents have on the menu?
  • What kind of meals do they serve?

Lifestyle Provided

Your loved one’s life shouldn’t stop because they have moved into a care home. Instead, they should be given more opportunities to explore new things and continue their habits and routines.

Activities are often the heart of a care home, with engaging programmes arranged that include everything from animal and music therapies to arts and crafts to third-party performances and themed celebrations. Plus, day trips out keep your loved one an active part of the community.

When looking at the various activities, it is always a good idea to question how they improve your loved one’s life, aside from providing a bit of fun. Do these programmes include tasks that will stimulate and challenge the brain? Do they incorporate elements of physical therapy that help them maintain movements? Activities are great ways to encourage your loved one to work their muscles, be it their brain, legs or arms, keeping them mobile and maintaining cognitive function. Don’t hesitate to ask how these programmes facilitate that.

Bridging the Gap Between Young and Old in Care Homes
Hair Salon at Seabourne House

Additional Services

A final aspect of care homes that should be considered when choosing a care home for a loved one is the additional services available.

Does the care home offer:

  • Laundry services
  • Religious services or a multi-disciplinary chaplain
  • Hair and beauty services
  • Mental well-being services

Sometimes, the small things can make a big difference, so these services should not be missed when looking for care homes.

Feeling Confused?

Having guided many families through the process of how to choose a care home, we understand that confusion is often the primary feeling throughout.

We are here to help and support you and your family through this difficult time, providing knowledge and guidance where you need it.

We always recommend visiting our care homes to get a true feel for what can be offered and to learn more about our care, whether looking for nursing care, residential care, dementia care or palliative care.

On your visit, we can discuss anything you would like, including care plans for your loved one, our activities programme, and support for the family where possible.

Book a visit to our care homes by calling us on 01202 037373 or complete our online contact form, and we will give you a call back soon.