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At LuxuryCare our Care Homes, Aranlaw House in Branksome Park, Poole, Eagles Mount Care Home in Poole, Regency Manor in Lower Parkstone, Poole and Seabourne House in Southbourne, Bournemouth, offer residential/nursing care and support for ladies and gentleman. We provide varying levels of support using a strength based approach.

Some require assistance  with walking, getting dressed or undressed or require assistance with their meals. Others might sometimes levels of dementia, for example, be a bit muddled or confused and find difficulties with getting things organised. Sometimes they know something is not quite right, but they are not sure exactly why this is and it can make them anxious. This can be very frustrating and they may be finding life difficult to manage without some help. We are proud to provide support wherever we can.

Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) made perhaps the most succinct statement about care:

“If you really want to help somebody, first of all you must find him where he is and start there. This is the secret of caring. If you cannot do that, it is only an illusion if you think you can help another human being. Helping somebody implies your understanding more than he does, but first of all you must understand what he understands. If you cannot do that, your understanding will be of no avail… the helper must be humble in his attitude towards the people he wants to help. He must understand that helping is not dominating, but serving. Caring implies patience as well as acceptance of not being right and of not understanding what the other person understands.”

Dr Gemma Jones, author of ‘Care Giving in Dementia’, defines ‘ideal care’ as: –

“The attitude and supportive actions which make a person feel valued, safe, nurtured and cared for, regardless of their illness, the stage of their illness, irrespective of their gender, race, creed, past achievements, or their shortcomings as a human being.”

It is our objective to step across this divide in order to establish relationships with the residents we are supporting. We seek to listen to the voice of each resident with dementia, connect with them and respond with imagination and creativity.

We aim to enable people to maximise their abilities and retain their independence as far as possible by agreeing with them (or their relative or representative) individual care plans, supporting them to encourage the retention of daily life skills for as long as possible. We will also provide care and assistance to meet the assessed needs of each person. To help achieve this we will enlist the support of any relevant professional services and organisations as may be necessary from time to time, for example Psychologists, General Practitioners, Dieticians, Community Mental Health Nurses, Community Nurses, Occupational Therapists etc, according to the needs of each resident.

Our Care Homes are lead by our Managing Director Mandy Kittlety. Mandy has a wealth of experience that ranges from managing Social Work Teams for BCP Council to managing Care Homes with LuxuryCare . Mandy has a passion for self-development and has completed various courses to further build on her experience. Mandy has managed Aranlaw House Care Home and Seabourne House. In her spare time, Mandy enjoys spending time with friends and family as well as walking her “pack of” dogs.

Mandy is supported by our Operations Director, Sam Hoskins. Sam is the epitome of LuxuryCare and represents our brand values to a tee. Like Mandy, she has a wealth of experience in the Healthcare space and uses this to support the various stakeholders. Sam has managed Seabourne House and Regency Manor. In her spare time, Sam attends local gyms and her dog Danson.

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Regency Manor

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Aranlaw House

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