Retirement Homes in Dorset

If you’re a family member or a friend of a person who suffers with dementia, it may be comforting to learn that there are retirement homes in Dorset that exist specifically to care for those living with the disease. Our luxury Dorset retirement homes provide a happy, safe and caring environment in which your loved one can enjoy their old age. Read on to find out more.

Introducing our Dorset retirement homes

Caring for someone with dementia can be an exhaustinRetirement Homes in Dorsetg task, and we understand that for many, putting a loved one into a home can sometimes feel like a failure on your part. Our Dorset retirement homes are not like any old care home – if you’re feeling guilty while reading this page, don’t be. We’re here to explain why moving your relative to our luxury retirement homes Dorset, will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

When family and friends come to visit our retirement homes Dorset, they are stunned at how normalised everything is: we don’t want our homes to feel like a hospice; we don’t want them to feel clinical and cold; we want are our homes to exude comfort, warmth and friendliness.

You’ll find our retirement homes in Dorset to be modern, and a touch of luxury can be found in every room.  We pride ourselves on our home from home environment, in which each resident feels comfortable, valued and cared for.

We have three luxury retirement homes in Dorset, each positioned within close proximity of the beautiful south coast. Each home has a dedicated team of staff committed to improving the quality of life of people suffering with dementia – we only employ care home staff who are caring by nature and specifically trained to handle residents that have to live with the effects of the disease.

More information on the most luxury retirement homes Dorset has to offer

We’re proud to say that we offer the most luxurious retirement homes Dorset has seen. Situated in the coastal towns of Bournemouth and Poole, each home is positioned in an idyllic location where residents, with the assistance of our attentive care home staff, can enjoy the gorgeous coastline and facilities that each place has to offer. We’ve outlined more information on each of our retirement homes in Dorset below.

Aranlaw House

You’ll find Aranlaw House nestled among the prestigious properties of Branksome Park. Close enough to Poole’s blue flag beaches to benefit from the fresh sea air, Aranlaw House is a haven for those who find joy in the views along the Dorset coastline and the sound of the sea brushing over the sandy beach.

Inside Aranlaw House, you’ll find every care has been taken to provide a home from home environment that oozes an air of luxury. In fact, many people would describe the everyday goings-on at Aranlaw House as almost hotel-like.

Aside from each resident receiving their daily structured care plan, they can experience an environment whereby they are treated like a valued guest at one of their favourite hotels. Think 3 course meals, coffee lounges, entertainment rooms and activities- dementia shouldn’t stop residents from enjoying their old age.

Aranlaw House is also home to a secure sensory garden which features an area dedicated to inducing memories through touch, sight and sound.  We often host summertime activities on the decking area, and residents can enjoy the delight of our maintained flowerbeds.

Regency Manor Care Home

Situated in Lower Parkstone, Regency Manor Care Home is an asset to Luxury Care.  Modern inside and out, Regency Manor is almost brand-spanking new with next generation facilities that enable us to provide the best care in Dorset.

Since we took over the home in 2013, each member of the care team has received in-depth training that allows them to provide quality care which has been specifically adapted to answer to the needs of those suffering with dementia.

As with Aranlaw House, each resident can expect to feel like a valued hotel guest. Outside of each resident’s personalised care plan, our care team encourage socialisation and enjoyment through normalised situations such as entertainment activities, meal times and taking tea.

Seabourne House Care Home

You’ll find a continuing theme through all of our Dorset retirement homes – luxury accommodation in a modern setting. The theme continues into Seabourne House, which, unlike our other luxury retirement homes in Dorset, is situated in a leafy suburb of Bournemouth.

Away from the hustle and bustle of Bournemouth town centre, Seabourne House offers a high level of care for those suffering with dementia.  Each resident benefits from their own personalised care plan which is tailored to their needs, and can enjoy the warm and homely environment that is paramount to the running of our Seabourne House Car Home.

How do we care for people with dementia?

Personal space is important, which is why each resident receives their own luxury room. There, they can find a comfortable bed, private bathroom facilities, luxury furnishings and the home comforts that they’ve brought with them. Before each resident begins their stay at one of retirement homes Dorset, we’ll decorate their room in a colour of their choice and arrange their familiar furnishings, so their room feels like a home from home environment when they arrive.

Once we know that your relative will be staying at one of our luxury retirement homes in Dorset, we’ll study any medical records which will start to paint the picture of what our new guest will require in terms of care. Our professional nurses will also carry out their own assessment to make sure that your loved one receive a care plan suited to their needs.

We always monitor the condition and well-being of our residents, and because each member of the team gets to know every single guest in their retirement home, they are well tuned to recognise any changes in behaviour and can alter their care plans as required.

At Luxury Care, we follow the model of Dr Gemma Jones, who specialises in the study of dementia. Dementia is a degenerative disease and can be separated into stages. Our care home staff are trained to recognise the traits of each stage, and rather than increase medication to help a resident deal with the changes, they’ll implement coping strategies that can help the resident beat the challenges faced with each stage of the disease.

Why should you choose Luxury Care?

All of our Dorset retirement homes are either rated outstaRetirement Homes in Dorsetnding or good by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which means the environment, the facilities and the level of care that each resident receives meets the sky-high expectations of the UK’s leading care body.

At Luxury Care, we truly believe that residents should have healthy access to their loved ones, and we’ll do our best to facilitate any visiting opportunities. We invite friends and family of residents to join us for dinner – we only request a few days’ warning and a small contribution.

You can be absolutely certain that your loved one will receive the very best care at our retirement homes in Dorset. We hope this page has given you some encouragement with regards to the high quality care that will be delivered, in addition to the homely environments that we create across all of our homes.

“To all the lovely staff on the top floor, who cared so lovingly for LB, Many thanks to you all from her daughters.”


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