Retirement Home Bournemouth

Dementia is a disease that requires close attention, precise observation and appropriate response calls for an excellent retirement home Bournemouth. A home that defines its values by the rights of its residents, protecting their privacy and treating them with dignity has made LuxuryCare one of the best retirement homes in Bournemouth.

The best retirement home in Bournemouth

Seabourne HouseRetirement Home Bournemouth is our main Bournemouth retirement home and we have the facilities to care for a wide range of residents. We have implemented the behavioural staging model to help old folks and ensure they get the best services for reduced logical thinking, verbal incapacitation and memory loss.

We go out of our way to understand what clients communicate by entering their distorted reality instead of trying to change the clients to fit to world perspectives and views. That way, we are able to minimise stress for our clients. We are of the opinion that our clients are not far away or lost but are just entrapped in an experience that makes it harder for them to communicate clearly. As such, our team of experts are imaginative, creative and keep abreast with their clients with each step they make. The team is composed of the following:

  • Psychologists
  • Mental health nurses
  • General practitioners
  • Dieticians
  • Occupational therapists
  • Nurses and more

As for the physical environment of the care home in Bournemouth, the Seabourne House is known for its friendly and genial atmosphere. We also provide unobtrusive security and safety alongside our holistic care that considers health, emotional, social and spiritual needs of our clients.

More about our Bournemouth retirement home

Our clients enjoy individual care plans that support retention of their daily life skills. We will assess the needs of each resident and provide access to relevant professional services as well as organisations. In addition, our staff members adhere to robust recruitment procedures, including background checks on Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Staff members also go through constant training then monitored and reviewed in line with the appropriate skills.

Why Choose LuxuryCare

LuxuryCare features experienced personnel who undergo a rigorous recruitment process before joining the team. The environment is also well developed to ensure all our residents have all they need whether it is social, emotional, health or spiritual. We also consider getting to the reality of our clients then helping them out from there as opposed to reaching them out with the intention of changing their lifestyle without proper observation.

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