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Are you searching for residential care homes Bournemouth for a loved one? Then book a visit to LuxuryCare ’s Seabourne House today. We offer specialist care to dementia and memory-loss sufferers over the age of 65. All of our residential care homes in Bournemouth have been approved by the CQC and have a ‘Good’ rating.

The best Bournemouth residential care homes

At LuxuryCare , we run one of the best residential care homes Bournemouth offers. If you have a loved one that is suffering from dementia or other problems, then don’t let them suffer anymore as we run a home that is tailored to the needs of our residents. Every resident at our home will have their own room for the duration of their stay with LuxuryCare .

Seabourne House is one of our main residential care homes in Bournemouth and has undergone a renovation program as we believe our residents always deserve the best. The home itself is in a quiet suburb of Southbourne and has scenic views of the Isle of Wight and Hengistbury Head. We are only a short walk away from Overcliff Drive.

At our Bournemouth residential care homes, we supply 24 hour residential care for our residents. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have made our care homes a safe place for our residents and staff. Our hard work over the years has paid off as the CQC has given our care homes a ‘Good’ rating. Residents are allowed to go shopping or go out for meals if they wish.

With our residential care homes Bournemouth, we welcome friends and family of our resident to visit as they please as it is their home as well. The only thing we ask is that you avoid visiting at meal times as this could disrupt our set routines. You are more than welcome to join your loved one at meal times, but we do ask that you pay a small charge.

Residential care homes in Bournemouth extras

All of our residential care homes in Bournemouth are regularly maintained by our maintenance team as we believe that a positive environment can work wonders for patients with memory loss. When staying at Seabourne House, residents are encouraged to bring their possessions and make their room their own.

By staying at Seabourne House, all residents can expect not only a high level of care but their rooms to be furnished to a high standard. Residents can expect the following when they stay at our Bournemouth residential care homes:

  • Telephone and wireless call systems
  • Television
  • Under-floor heating
  • En-suite bathroom

As previously mentioned, we take great pride in creating an environment that is safe but stimulating for our residents. One of the most popular features of our residential care homes in Bournemouth is our beautiful garden which has walls and coded entry system. We have designed our garden in a visual manner to help those suffering with memory issues.

Reasons to stay at LuxuryCare ’s residential care homes Bournemouth

The first reason to stay at our residential care homes Bournemouth is that we deliver a high level of care to every resident. Our staff are trained in dealing with dementia and the many stages; patients are always treated as individuals. We find that our residents love this friendly approach and that it makes their stay a more pleasant one.

Often residents when they come to one of our Bournemouth residential care homes still want to maintain a sense of independence which is actively encouraged. All staff members will help residents feel at home without intruding on their privacy. This does not mean that the level of care at our homes will diminish as we offer assistance with meals or helping the patients get from A-to-B.

Disorientation is sadly a very common symptom with dementia regardless of whether a location is familiar to the person or not. To help residents, we have designed Seabourne House in a manner that helps them get around with little-to-no issue with key features being handrails, themed hallways and images for every room being a few. This attention-to-detail makes our residential homes Bournemouth the best of their type.

Case studies

Before deciding to stay in our residential care homes Bournemouth, you will want to weigh up the options. If you want to hear about previous residents that have stayed at our residential care homes in Bournemouth.


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