LuxuryCare thanks carers

Staff at a Dorset care home group have paid tribute to the incredible work of their carers looking after loved ones at the care homes.

LuxuryCare , which operates five homes in Bournemouth and Poole, has also praised the ‘hidden army’ of carers working tirelessly to care for family members and friends.

Mandy Kittlety, Managing Director of LuxuryCare :

‘We know ourselves what it takes to care – the day-to-day energy and devotion it requires. Our carers are absolutely dedicated to caring for our residents at LuxuryCare .  We also know many of our residents come to us having been cared for in their own homes, often for many years; we are privileged to see up close the incredible love and dedication that involves.

‘That doesn’t end when that loved one comes to live in one of our homes – we continue to work with families, building relationships, supporting them, and working with them to continue to provide the kind of care that they want for that person.

‘Caring is a true labour of love and we are full of admiration and gratitude for the many thousands of people within this community who take on that role so selflessly. They are the backbone of the community as they are here in our homes, and we want to support them as much as we can.’

LuxuryCare homes provide nursing and residential care for elderly residents, including residents with dementia. By connecting with residents as individuals, helping them to retain their independence as far as possible, as well as meeting all their additional needs, they aim to maintain quality of life and ensure residents are as comfortable and happy as possible.