Luxury Home Care in Bournemouth

Getting older is a fact that we all must face. But, as you do, you still need a place that will give you the care and support you need. Finding somewhere that will give that care to your loved one will be of your utmost importance. Our luxury home care in Bournemouth provides just what you need. At Luxury Care, we dedicate our services to providing additional care and support to the residents in each of our specialised care home.

What makes us a luxury Bournemouth home care?

We specialise our care to support people who struggle with memoLuxury Home Care in Bournemouthry-related issues and most importantly, dementia. Dementia is something that affects the majority of the older generation, and is something that is constantly growing as we live longer.

At Luxury Care, our luxury Bournemouth home care properties are fully equipped to deal with these problems associated with dementia, and let our residents feel increasingly comfortable in their new environment.

Our luxury care homes

In each of our luxury care homes, we establish a relationship with our residents that will make you feel more comfortable no matter which home care you choose. We take pride in the locations in which our care homes are found. You will have your choice of a beautiful beachside resort or the tranquil suburbs in the Poole and Bournemouth home care properties.

We aim to make your stay as comfortable as possible when you pick from either one of the following:

Friendly home features

Working with dementia, we understand that new environments often cause stress and disorientation for the patients that come to our care homes. To give you more freedom, we have designed each house so that they are accessible and dementia-friendly. Some of the tactics we use include specialised lighting, colour coded sections and secure hand railings. Each facility is made to maximise confidence in each of the residents’ who enter our luxury care home properties.

What do our residents’ say?

We abide by the validation versus medication method. We believe, at Luxury Care, that there is a pill-free way to encourage confidence and improve the behaviour in people with dementia. Introduced by a leading Doctor in the industry, Dr Gemma Jones, this behavioural model has meant that, by acting through observation, we are able to foresee the behaviour of the individual and deal with it in an appropriate manner.

Take a look at our case studies to see for yourself the benefits of practicing such methods.

Why choose Luxury Care?

By choosing Luxury Care for your residential care home, you will be rest assured that you will have the treatment and care you need. At Luxury Care, we are proud to provide and encourage the following features in each of our establishments:

  • Build confidence
  • Establish relationships
  • Qualified and experienced nurses
  • Secure premises
  • Specialised support in dementia

Contact us

Come down and visit our luxury home care in Bournemouth or contact us by giving Luxury Care a call on 01202 292796 or email