Dementia Nursing Homes

Is your loved one suffering from dementia? Are you thinking of placing your loved one in a dementia nursing home? With several care homes in the Bournemouth and Poole areas, LuxuryCare have provided many residents with the care and support they need to live a happy life. We use a caring and understanding approach to dementia in all of our dementia nursing homes. LuxuryCare  offers predominant care for people suffering from dementia and memory problems.

Why choose our dementia nursing homes?

Selecting a dementia nursing home for your loved one is a difficult decision, and you will want to be certain that the best level of care is provided.

Highly trained staffDementia Nursing Home

All staff hired by LuxuryCare in our nursing homes for dementia are highly trained in their respective professions like psychologists, general practitioners, and community nurses to name a few. Every member of staff hired by our company go through rigorous recruitment procedures and receive regular training to ensure their skills are of a consistent quality. In addition, we only employ staff who have passed an ‘enhanced’ DBS check.

Caring approach

At LuxuryCare , we believe that our practical approach sets us apart from other dementia nursing homes. We use the ‘Validation’ method in our dementia nursing homes which is based on knowledge about dementia and empathy for dementia sufferers. Our method was based on the Dr Gemma Jones’ ‘behavioural staging’ model for meeting the needs of older people with dementia

Sufferers of dementia often live in fear as they sense that something is wrong with them and are unable to work out what is happening; this creates behaviour that is uncharacteristic or odd.  Our team are trained to help allay these fears and will reassure patients in our dementia nursing homes. Read more about our validation verses medication method.

A dementia friendly environment

In all of our dementia nursing homes, we endeavour to make the environment as pleasant as possible for our residents and have designed our care homes to be dementia friendly for residents. We have the following features in our homes:

  • Special signage for recognition
  • Brightly coloured images portray different themes
  • Coloured bandhandrails
  • Prioritised lighting
  • Signposting
  • Use of colour and other visual cues

Helpful assistance

As well as helping patients with dementia, we also aid patients with problems that are associated with old like walking, dressing, assistance with meals and many more. We also tailor our services so that we offer the best support and assistance so that it meets the needs of every individual patient.

Case Studies

If you are unsure about choosing a dementia nursing home, read our dedicated case studies for more information.

Contact us

For more information on our dementia nursing homes, do not hesitate to contact the LuxuryCare head office today on 01202 292796 or email