Dementia Care Home

At Luxury Care, we strongly believe that those who suffer with dementia require a specific dementia care home in order to receive the correct level of care. The staff at all the care homes owned by Luxury Care have all been trained, specifically, in handling the confusion and memory loss that naturally occurs alongside dementia.

Introducing Luxury Care

We understand how upsetting it can be to finally admit to yoDementia Care Homeurself that you can no longer give your loved one the care that they require. We know how upsetting it can be to think of your loved one in a strange environment, being tended to by people that they don’t know.

Here at Luxury Care, we want to expel all those worrying thoughts from your head. Throughout all of our dementia care homes across the South Coast, you’ll find that we have created a home from home environment.

We’ve said goodbye to the cold, clinical care homes of the past. At any dementia care home owned by Luxury Care, you’ll discover warm tones, plush furnishings and modern equipment, which is all designed to enhance your loved one’s quality of life. Our dementia care home is their home, and feeling at home is exactly how we want your loved one to feel.

All of our dementia care home staff have been selected because they are caring by nature.  With their combination of specific skills, engaging smiles and friendly conversation, your loved one will quickly settle into their new home.

We believe that friends and relatives should have an active part in their loved one’s life, which is why we do everything we can to facilitate visiting times; we even invite friends and family members of residents to join us for dinner – we only require a few days’ notice and a small contribution.

Our care homes

Situated in the coastal towns of Poole and Bournemouth, our luxury dementia care homes are within an easily reachable distance of the beautiful Dorset coastline and necessary amenities including hospitals and transport links.

Over the years, we have spread our passion for providing luxury care across 3 homes, which means we’re fast becoming the number one provider of specific dementia care in the south.

All of our dementia care homes have been rated outstanding or good by the Quality Care Commission (CQC), which means the facilities, the environment and most importantly, the level of care that each resident receives, meet the exceptionally high standards expected by the UK’s leading care body.

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How do we care for people suffering with dementia?

Personal space and familiarity are important for those who require a dementia care home. Across all of our care homes, every resident receives their own private room, which we can decorate to their specific tastes. We encourage you to bring along any well-loved belongings and furnishings to decorate the room, which will help to create the home from home environment we’re passionate about providing.

During the initial meetings, we’ll get to know your loved one through you. We want to get to know them as a person, in addition to their medical needs so we can provide them with the well-rounded care that they require.

We’ll liaise with medical staff and study medical records to assess the level of care that your loved one needs. Then once your loved one moves in, our qualified nurses and care staff will carry out their own assessments to make sure that they receive a care plan tailored to their demands.

At Luxury Care, we have adopted the model created by Dr Gemma Jones, who specialises in the study of dementia. Her study – validation vs medication- teaches people to recognise that dementia, as a degenerative disease, occurs in different stages of severity.

Our nurses and care staff have been trained to recognise the traits of each stage, and rather than rely on medication to treat the implications of each stage, we’ll introduce coping strategies to help your loved one beat the challenges of coping with confusion and memory loss.

We continuously monitor the condition and well-being of our residents to ensure that they continue to receive the standard of care that they require.

Why should you choose Luxury Care?

Aside from having achieved an outstanding rating fromDementia Care Home the CQC across two of our care homes, at Luxury Care, we’re passionate about providing your loved one with a dementia care home which will allow them to experience a constant source of contentment and happiness.

We strongly believe in getting to know each resident as a person, and encourage hobbies and friendships, so your loved one feels like they’re in a home from home environment.

The level of care and attention each resident receives is tailored specifically to their individual needs, and we also provide an all-round care service to help with the implications of other health problems, so your loved one benefits from maximum quality of life.

“Dear K, Firstly, we would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to all your staff who cared for R during his time at Aranlaw. He was very happy there, and it showed in his demeanour every time we visited. The staff were also most attentive to us as a family during visits, nothing was ever too much trouble. It was wonderful to see three of your staff representing Aranlaw on Friday – it was touching and appreciated by us al.”

Contact us

Our team are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding our dementia care homes. Call us on 01202 428132 or email to book a face to face appointment.