Care Home in Poole

Are you looking for a luxury care home in Poole for an elderly relative who suffers with dementia? We understand that entrusting the care of a vulnerable loved one to the hands of strangers can be an upsetting step to take and is often the last resort for family and friends. But at Luxury Care, we endeavour to reassure everyone that handing the care over to our team of friendly, kind and knowledgeable care staff is the best possible step to take.

Why may you be looking for a care home Poole?

Care Home in Poole

Dementia is a word that no-one wants to hear, and for the sufferer, usually emanates a long road to progressive memory loss and confusion.

As you probably well know, dementia is a progressive disease. Over time, the memory of the suffer will only become worse, with confusion and the fear that something isn’t quite right becoming everyday battles.

We understand that as dementia sufferers become worse, they require more and more care. Often one person has to dedicate all their time to managing their daily routines and keeping an eye on them to make sure that they don’t put themselves in danger.

When the quality of life for both the sufferer and the person responsible for them is put into question, a care home Poole is a fantastic option to consider.

What support can we give?

Luxury Care specialises in providing care for dementia across three Poole care homes. Our staff have been specially selected because of their experience of handling residents with dementia at all different stages of progression. As part of our dedication to ensuring the comfort of people suffering with dementia, we invest time and money into extensively training our staff and providing the best behavioural therapists.

Luxury Care aims to ease the dementia journey for both the sufferer and distressed family and friends by providing a care home in Poole like no other.  We take the time to get to know our new resident and our new resident’s family.  By talking to you about the life of the sufferer, we can gain a greater understanding of their way of thinking, which can often help in filling the gaps if they’ve had a mental relapse.

With our newly gained information, we can provide each resident with a unique care plan according to their needs, ensuring that the remainder of their life is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Read on to find out more about our care home Poole service in all of our care homes.

Introducing our three Poole care homes

As one of the best luxury Poole care home providers, we have three homes dotted around Poole, with each home offering different location benefits.

Aranlaw House Care Home Poole

Just a few minutes’ walk from Poole’s stunning beaches is the luxury Aranlaw House. You would never believe it is a care home. In fact, with its modern build, stylish finish and hotel-style service, there’s nothing clinical or ‘hospital-like’ about it.  Each resident has their own room, which can be painted in a colour of their choice. Each room also has:

  • An en-suite bathroom
  • A luxury finish
  • Underfloor heating
  • Free-view flat screen television
  • Wireless call systems
  • Telephones

Having just received an outstanding rating by the quality care commission, Aranlaw House is exceptional. From our signage system, consisting of various visual cues, to the sensory garden where our residents can feel reconnected with the world around them, every detail has been carefully thought of to lessen the stresses and strains associated with dementia and the natural ageing process.

Regency Manor Poole Care Home

Care Home in Poole

Having just been labelled as outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, Regency Manor offers a luxurious, homely environment with views over Sandbanks and Brownsea Island. Similar to Aranlaw House, we offer our residents a hotel-like service, where they can even enjoy our beauty and well-being suite.  Every room is finished to our superior standard with high-quality furnishings and an en-suite bathroom.

Taken over by the Luxury Care Group in 2013, Regency Manor Care Home in Poole is now run by exceptional care staff with a professional nurse-led team on hand at all times. Offering a range of outstanding features and activities, Regency Manor is the perfect choice for families looking for a safe, secure and friendly environment for their loved one.

Eagles Mount Care Home in Poole

With epic panoramic views over Poole Harbour, Eagles Mount Care Home is one of our newly acquired sites.  We have already integrated our luxury care into the day to day running of the care home, and will soon start building works on a new premises, which will follow the same high specification design and elements of luxury that keep Luxury Care as one of the top care providers in Poole.

What makes us different?

We don’t want our care home in Poole to feel like a care home. Aside from providing a luxury hotel-style environment, we encourage residents to bring along bedroom furniture and belongings that they may have a certain attachment to in order to make their environment more familiar.

Visiting times are not restricted, although we do request that guests avoid meal times if possible – unless, of course, you would like to join us, in which case we ask for a small contribution.

No matter the care home in Poole you choose for your loved one, we can guarantee that they will always receive the same superior quality of care. Every Luxury Care care home in Poole is dedicated a talented chef who can cook dietary specific meals for each of the residents.

The design, layout and day to day running of each care home in Poole is designed to ensure that our residents still feel like they retain an element of independence within a controlled environment.

Each resident is encouraged to continue with their hobbies and develop new skills, while our team of therapists will work on managing the dementia symptoms so your loved one can feel as though their life is as normal as it can possibly be.

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