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Are you deciding on the best Bournemouth care homes for your loved one? If so, get in touch with LuxuryCare today as we offer personalised care to all residents over the age of 65. Our nurses specialise in caring for those with dementia and work to make residents as relaxed as possible in their new home.

Our care homes in Bournemouth Bournemouth Care Homes

Seeing someone that you care about become confused and disorientated can be a stressful experience, but we’re here to offer support. It can be difficult to care for someone suffering from the throes of dementia. Our beautiful and modern Bournemouth care homes boast the sort of sophisticated décor one would expect from a luxury hotel. Each resident will receive their own private room, decorated to suit their tastes as well as round-the-clock care and attention.

One of our main care homes Bournemouth is the recently renovated Seabourne House which is situated in a quiet, residential street in the suburb of Southbourne. We are just a few minutes’ walk from Overcliff Drive which offers stunning views of Boscombe Beach, Hengistbury Head and The Purbecks. There is 24 hour care in all of our Bournemouth care homes.

The tranquil location is perfect for residents who enjoy the peace and quiet afforded by a safe and secluded area. What’s more, should you or your loved one wish to enjoy a meal out or go shopping with the family, Seaborne House is only a short walk from the town centre. The CQC have given our care homes in Bournemouth a good rating.

With our Bournemouth care homes, we welcome visitors such as family and friends with no restrictions such as visiting times. The only thing we ask is that visits are not scheduled around meal times however, you are more than welcome to join us for a small charge.

Care homes Bournemouth extras

All of our care homes Bournemouth have undergone renovation programs to create a modern yet homely living environment for our residents; we also have a regular maintenance team that keep every home in an excellent condition. The warm furnishings and home comforts have been chosen to ensure a cosy and comfortable stay at Seabourne House.

Every one of our rooms in our Bournemouth care homes are equipped with the following facilities:

  • En-suite bathroom
  • Telephone and wireless call systems
  • Television
  • Under-floor heating

Fancy going for a stroll? Seabourne House boasts a wonderfully colourful garden that delivers sights and smells to stimulate memories and provide a relaxing escape. All of our care homes in Bournemouth are entirely secure, and the garden is no exception, with walls and a wooden gate with coded entry access.

Why choose LuxuryCare for Bournemouth care homes?

At LuxuryCare , we appreciate that our residents like to live as independently as possible, despite suffering from dementia or other problems associated with old age. With this in mind, we offer residents as much care and support as they need while still respecting their privacy. Whether your loved one needs assistance walking from A-to-B or help with meals, our care homes Bournemouth nurses are always ready to help.

We have a team of fully qualified nurses who are trained to care for patients at every stage of dementia. Our nurses treat each resident as an individual and go the extra mile to make Seabourne House stand out from other Bournemouth care homes. Sometimes, it’s as much as a friendly face, or someone to talk to that can make their day that much easier.

A common symptom of dementia is disorientation, even in familiar locations. Seabourne House has been designed so that residents can find their way around the home with minimal hassle to avoid confusion and distress. This is done with the help of brightly coloured handrails, themed hallways and easily recognisable images for each room. As a result, our care homes in Bournemouth stand out from the others.

At LuxuryCare , we aim to be as accommodating as possible and always welcome guests to our care homes in Bournemouth. If you wish to join your loved ones for dinner, we can arrange this for only a small donation towards food costs. We also encourage our residents to bring with them any possessions they’d like to make their room feel even more homely.

Bournemouth Care Homes

Our care homes Bournemouth approach

In our Bournemouth care homes, we have employed the Dr Gemma Jones ‘behavioural staging’ model for residents that suffer from dementia or memory difficulties. As dementia is a disease which gets slowly worse over time, it is important to aid the sufferer with reference points. This method acknowledges the sufferer’s individuality and makes carer aware of the ways that the patient may be trying to cope.

We believe that this approach is the most suitable and caring for those suffering from memory-related issues. Like other illnesses, there is a beginning, middle and end with dementia being no different. The behavioural staging model takes into account every stage of dementia and the sufferer’s own wellbeing with issues such as old age.

Case studies from our Bournemouth care homes

At LuxuryCare , we invite you to visit our case studies page to see how we have treated different patients with dementia in our care homes Bournemouth. You will discover that we have the facilities and staff required to provide assistance to all with memory issues. We pride ourselves on working tirelessly to ensure our residents receive the best care at our home.

Further questions

Do you have more questions you want to ask our team? We advise that you head over to our Q & A page for more information. Once you have read this page on our care homes in Bournemouth and still have questions to ask, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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