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The Admission Process

With something as important and emotionally sensitive as relinquishing the care of a loved one to a care home, the whole family was acutely aware that we had to choose the right home for Granddad. We had found the whole process with regards to the financial commitment required and the support provided by social services difficult to understand. The lack of clarity as to who would help us and how made the decision process much more difficult and upsetting than it probably should have been. However, once we started to investigate the care homes available we found that speaking to a professional carer helped to clarify the process admission and to ease our minds about how Granddad would be better cared for by people trained to do so and with the correct equipment.

Sam and the team at Seabourne House Care Home were wonderful. They were warm and relaxed but informative and proactive. As soon as we spoke to Sam we felt that she really cared for Granddad’s well-being and the patience she and her team demonstrated in explaining how he would be cared for was extremely comforting. They were extremely open about us visiting without the need for an appointment so that we could see the home in its usual state and even supported us in speaking to social services.

On visiting the home we were extremely impressed with how upbeat and interactive the staff were with the residents and the team were at pains to highlight that they felt that they worked in the residents home rather than the residents living in their place of work. The lack of uniforms and bright décor came as a pleasant surprise, and the well-kept and easily accessible gardens would be great for Granddad in the summer. We felt that this was the place for him.

On the day of Granddad’s admission, Sam sat down with Granddad and myself to explain the situation and the team had already remembered that he was a tea drinker when they offered him a drink. The whole process went far more smoothly (and positively) than I ever expected and it sticks in my mind that he was able to walk up the stairs to his room far easier than he could at home as there were rails on each side of the stairs (these are the little things that you don’t realise make a difference until you see them).

It’s been 4 weeks since Granddad moved into Seabourne House and he has settled in far better than we could dare to hope. The process isn’t easy and something of this magnitude won’t go without a bump or two but the whole family seem more relaxed and able to cope than when they were when caring for Granddad 24 hours a day.