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A difficult transition


Thanks so much for sending this to us. I have been through it and it looks spot on to me. I know my brother has already said how much we appreciate all you have done to help Mum settle in – but I would like to reiterate it. All of you should be proud of the service you provide to residents at Aranlaw House. I am still overwhelmed at how well Mum has adjusted to her new life, and how much brighter she is on the phone than she was 3 months ago. She is talking about knitting again – something she did all her life until the last 18 months or so when she lost interest – so I will send her over some patterns, and perhaps at some points if she remains interested and if there is the opportunity for her to go to the shops, a carer could help her select some suitable wool to make herself a jumper or cardigan. (She likes pastel colours).

Take care, and sincere thanks again for all you are all doing for Mum.

Best wishes